Sublimation T Shirt Printing Companies

Sublimation T Shirt Printing Companies

Young people love wearing t-shirts with designs that showcase their style and true personality. T-shirts can be printed with different patterns, colors, and attractive colors. The recent changes in fashion trends has also led to the changes in the printed designs and patterns on t-shirts.

The current advances in the innovation and technology of sublimation t shirt printing software has led to the various designs that have been spotted on youngsters in different parts of the world.

Many methods can be utilized in the printing of t-shirts, however, the best methods include the following:


Customized printing method:

This method prints multicolored and complex designs by using a cutting edge t-shirt design software. This printing method is not suitable for printing large orders of t-shirts. The customized design of t-shirts can be carried out by using vinyl cutters. The machine cuts out specific designs on vinyl sheets with a particular color. Heat is applied to cut the vinyl on a paper and also press the cut paper on the fabric. Computerized printing makes the customization of t-shirts easy, it’s of high quality, and durable.

Dye sublimation method:

This method is effective in printing designs with full color on the surface of a light colored t-shirt. This method is quite expensive and difficult to master compared to other methods of t-shirt design. This type of printing method is not suitable for most natural fabrics, however, it’s the best design method for fabrics made of polyester.

Screen printing:

This method is widely used in the design of t-shirts for commercial purposes. This method of printing entails the separation of a particular design into different colors which is then printed on the surface of the fabric by layering. Water-based inks are added to the t-shirts by using mesh screens. A wide color spectrum can be achieved by using a limited number of colors such as blue, gold, red, white, green and black.


This is another method used in the design of t-shirts. This printing process is mostly suitable for light colored t-shirts. Few t-shirt printing companies utilize water-based inks to print designs on t-shirts. Most companies that customize t-shirts on a commercial scale utilize plastisol. Plastisol is preferred compared to water-based inks because it doesn’t need any specific color adjustment to print on t-shirts with different colors.

Direct printing:sublimated-t-shirts

This is the common method of design used in different homes. This method entails the direct addition of different types of ink on the surface of the t-shirt manually. The different steps involved in the printing of t-shirts using other methods is reduced in direct printing. The heavy feel of screen printing is absent in t-shirts with patterns made by direct printing. It’s quite difficult to design a wide area of the t-shirt because it is done manually. In this design, the color of the t-shirt is usually the brightest feature.

Different design methods of t-shirts have developed as a result of the change in fashion trends over the years.Another popular method nowadays is the method of direct garment printing. In this method, an inkjet printer is used for printing a photo or an artwork directly onto the garment. This is very much similar to the process of printing the photo from the computer.