Sublimation printing services is something that most people use when trying to use heat to transfer dye to different material such as plastic, card, paper, or fabric. Sublimation ink is very unique in the way that it can convert from solid to gas without going through the phase of a liquid. In a way it is like dry ice. It is a remarkable change that you see. The materials you can put the ink on need special coatings to receive the ink. Sublimation is a great process that allows for vibrant, full color, and all-over prints.

Why Choose Sublimation Printing Services that work for you?

We have been around for some time now and are very experienced in the products that we print off for clients. We are a family owned company and we respect each and every customer’s wishes that come through our doors. We always try to do the best we can in making our customers satisfied. If we make a mistake we fix it no extra charge. If we do not follow through as we said you can call us on it and we will fix it as well. We have great customer service to offer. And we pride ourselves on having repeat clientele that refer us to other clients. You will not be disappointed working with us.

Genuine Sublimation Printing Wholesale Pricing

What we offer to you is genuine wholesale pricing. What that is, is that we do not charge our customers monthly fees to work with us. You will need to apply for a wholesale account, for your safety and our legitimacy purposes we want you to fully trust in working with you and providing you the best service possible. There will be pre-order fees, and depending on the size the price will be determined. This will be a standard for us, for future reference. We will ask that you have a minimum initial order size. It is hard to find genuine wholesale suppliers and we make sure that you have the best experience with no hard time understanding the process of it all.

Fast & Reliable High Sublimation Services Volume Capabilities

We provide the best printers to make sure your work looks the best that it can. We offer high volume capabilities to ensure that you get the highest resolution that you can when printing with us. It is important to us that you leave us satisfied and return happily. Ideal for networking purposes on both our end and yours.

No Hidden Sublimation Printing Fees

Everything with us is upfront and open. We do not hide any costs from you or bring any new unexpected charges to you later down the road. Everything is laid out on the table so we can have a good business deal. Your satisfaction is our priority, we as a company frown upon displeasing our clients.

Upload Your Own Sublimation Artwork

With uploading your own artwork we expect you to create an account with us and upload everything that you intend to be printing with us. You will have to include files for every size in your order. When formatting your work you have to make sure that whatever you are trying to print it bleeds over the edges of the material. We will have you transport the work into our templates.

In House Sublimation Design Teams

We have available to you an in house design team. If you happen to need help with anything we make it easily accessible and time saving to bring the team to you. This will allow you to get things done faster and more efficiently. Than having to leave and come back to consult with someone else about your work.

Fast Shipping

We operate in a fast paced manner to ensure on time delivery and make it easier if there happens to be a mistake or misprint. With our fast shipping we can take care of any problems in a timely manner. That way everything gets where it needs to be on time, even if there was a bit of a setback. With us it will not matter because we take care of it in a timely fashion to satisfy your timelines and events.

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