Sort and filter projects by many criteria including dates, status, creator, and budget amount and compare different project management teams and performance of workforce – powerful functionality for managers. Software logs and tracks issues, risks and actions.

A structured review process is applied to each step of the project development, ensuring that potential errors are detected early in the cycle

We also ensure that administration of separate projects can be monitored and controlled and the costs accumulated towards the ultimate value of the assets constructed.

Risk Management: The project management software provides the ability to assess and compare the relative risk of an organisations assets by determining the assets likely failure modes and probable times of failure

Optimised Decision Making (ODM): The software facilitates the determination of optimal maintenance & renewal treatments based on benefit costs and judged against organizational needs and risks

The Coordimax Security Module uses secure access codes to allow for the administration of assets by individual projects to be very closely controlled and monitored.

Coordimax has been developed to help companies and organizations get more effective use of their assets while reducing costs.
It also allows maintenance expenditure to be grouped by project and with the Financial Module Coordimax is able to create summarized financial data for uploading.

Projects can be defined and linked to accounting or budget codes.

As with all Coordimax modules, Project Management supplies users with a highly stable and mature software product that is progressively being enhanced to meet changing requirements.

Coordimax project management methodology is based on Process Mentor, a UML-based software engineering process for designing, building, integrating and implementing both simple and complex software using component-based techniques – the project process follows modern engineering techniques and covers: requirements modelling, iterative development, change management, testing, quality management and continuous improvement.

Project Management Software – Features & Capabilities:

  • create schedules of grouped work orders for a project
  • track time, cost, processes and project financials
  • browse project schedules in a list view
  • create shift logs for allocation resources providing extensive flexibility
  • monitor and control different workshops, trades and supervisor functions
  • monitor and control costs across the whole project schedule
  • export data to MS Project – create charts and schedule diagrams
  • produce regular and accurate reports
  • ODBC compatibility with other business tools like Crystal Reports, Corvu, Cognos and Infomaker
  • sort and filter projects by many criteria including dates,status,creator and budget amount
  • compare different teams and performance of workforce and easily view wholesale sublimation printing project milestones
  • automate the initial balancing of resources – giving powerful functionality for project managers
  • extensive flexibility and detailed management control of projects
  • expert consulting support to take the pain out of this critical transitional process
  • highly reactive and efficient on-going support service
  • view a complete picture of your projects to keep track of costs and ensure availabiliy of assets
  • project tools to manage change control, roles and responsibilities, risk
  • log issues & scope budget & expenditure
  • project cost control & budget management
  • project resource allocation
  • estimation & planning
  • resource scheduling – resource list available for each resource
  • actual vs planned performance
  • cost maintenance
  • project historical information
  • view real-time project status and manage metrics
  • Complex project work to be done by many parties is managed simply and efficiently
  • Project Managers can identify possible impediments & obstructions before they impact schedules and reduce risk
  • Plan maintenance from remote facilities and create schedules

“Project Management has always underpinned our business, but now that our business has diversified we still need software that helps us collect, organise and manage data – data that is easily accessible to the 350 plus employees that now make up our division.” – Brookfield Multiplex