Why do you need Asset Management?

The daily push and pull on senior staff in corporations and also government departments has never been so extreme. By any yardstick the current laws for accurate reporting on the precise financial status of all assets within a company are extraordinary regulations that pose extraordinary challenges.

It leaves financial staff scrambling for information from many disparate sources, which in some cases is simply not there. And then there are the calls by pressured boards for large increases in performance figures, and equally large decreases in running costs. That leaves operations staff grappling with very few records making inaccurate decisions based on incomplete data.

These finance and operations staff have different problems but the cause is the same. Asset information is siloed in transactional systems, or locked in spreadsheets, or in difficult to access paper files, or simply has not been recorded anywhere.

So no single, reliable, accurate view of an asset is available. And as a result, management teams are rethinking how their firm is going to report on, manage, maintain, and operate their assets in the future.

How will Coordimax help your business?

Coordimax is an innovative, richly featured, fully integrated, and highly accessible asset management solution. And it is relied on every day by the likes of Qantas, Coles, Multiplex, and many more.

Staff can decide how they want to track and then also control assets using multiple independent dimensions.

Any asset can be logged together with a great amount of accurate information about it, from in-field condition to the treatment for taxation purposes. Rich features aside, it simply enables companies to translate strategies into plans, monitor performance, and provide insight for continuing business optimisation.

This is not software that promises a slight iterative improvement on the hotchpotch of spreadsheets. It is a solution that makes the previously impossible, possible. Asset management is no longer chained down to a desktop computer, or spreadsheet.

With our internet, wireless, rfid, and hand held capability, assets can now be managed from across the hall, across the country, or across the world.

And asset management is no longer just a malleable database. With our processing agility assets can now be monitored in real time to increase performance, lower costs, boost the bottom line, key performance indicators can be dashboarded, and alerts smsed.

The asset management software market has changed, forever.

Why choose Coordimax?

We are being chosen over the rest because our solution goes way beyond simple asset parameters. It improves enterprise wide budgeting and planning, ensures asset availability and helps create an organisation that delivers continuous performance improvement in all of its activities, from all of its managers, at all levels.

Two of the most common, and most scathing, criticisms of the old, traditional asset management process is that it is both cumbersome and time consuming. This all stems from the fact that traditional applications have over- looked that they should provide ease of use by largely non-skilled staff.

Our technology is purposely people friendly. The screen interface is intuitively easy to use, and users both local and remote, can simply use their web browser. Only standard information technology platforms are needed, and the learning curve is not at all steep, with many of the daily functions automated.

Our very high technology is designed to stay very much in the background. For example, in a production emergency, identical replacement assets can be automatically listed.

And monitoring the progress and the performance of every work order can be automatically calculated, and reports instantly produced on key performance indicator data.

With just a brief introduction, office staff will be quickly creating work orders, also uploading and attaching images to work orders, updating budgets, and monitoring progress.

In the field, inputting data to a hand-held on the location and condition of a machine is simple. And if the wholesale sublimation printing machine needs maintenance a work order can be created easily on the spot.

Busy division managers can also quickly master the most powerful functions within an hour. They can create multiple key performance indicators on a dashboard, and change settings to exactly suit their requirements. And complex reports can be intuitively created using query-by-example.

Busy maintenance managers will have their workload lightened by working with predesigned templates, and many time consuming functions automated like the automatic posting of maintenance costs against budget codes, asset property locations, and contracts.

And mean-time-to-repair and mean-time-between-failure are automatically calculated for equipment experiencing downtime ensuring that managers can swiftly identify and target weak links in a production chain for special maintenance servicing before production suffers.

If staff find they need instant assistance on how to complete a new task then context sensitive help is available on-line.