The Computerised Maintenance Software module (CMMS) is designed to automate the myriad of things which need to be done regularly to keep a business running fluidly and without any down time, the application allowing for the structuring of the companies assets in an organised and logical manner.

The maintenance software encompasses Job Requests, Work Order Management and Planned Maintenance Templates. Templates can cover planned or preventive maintenance for either property locations or maintainable assets, and template frequencies can be user-defined. Work Orders can have an unlimited number of tasks, and labour and material requirements can be specified on a task by task basis.

All transactions and costs are automatically “posted” against ledger codes, asset property locations and contracts so that the maintenance costs for any budget code, asset, property location or contract are always available and up to date.

Planned or Preventative Maintenance Management Software – Work Orders

We also include a fully integrated Scheduling Module that allows currently backlogged work to be scheduled, based on the levels of available labour resources.

Resource balancing can also be performed within the Scheduling Module.




Features of work order and job request module:

  • computerised maintenance software for property and building locations or maintainable assets
  • create work orders for any sort of work
  • create work orders from any number of sources
  • browse work orders in organised listings
  • filter browse listings to concentrate only on desired work orders
  • automatically allocate orders to annual work series
  • prepare automatic Service Request or quote request prior to commencement of work
  • create plans and completely manage all aspects of the timing, tasks and costs
  • manage in-house and contract providers of labour and parts
  • allocate plans to locations, assets or groups of assets
  • control all work orders through a common interface
  • allocate every work order to a ledger code
  • track status of the asset, and the work order as the work progresses
  • track work orders on multiple dimensions
  • automatically prompt users to create wholesale sublimation work orders based on planned activities
  • plan, review, monitor and control work by task, material and labour
  • track job cost as job progresses
  • forecast all resource requirements based on accurate knowledge of all work to be completed
  • attach free text comments
  • attach internal instructions or other controlled information
  • create a library of data sheets for all users to share
  • process invoices as they are received
  • enter timesheets and material requisitions
  • record and track failure and feedback
  • add user defined information items to any asset
  • sort, list and control attributes
  • record documentary permits
  • attach files to work orders
  • record warranty details on components added or replaced
  • carry out condition assessment as part of any work order on any asset or location
  • monitor the progress and performance of every work order through its life stages
  • easily control progress of work orders via icons and interactive screens
  • distribute work orders to users by email, fax, paper or on screen