Coordimax records and maintains all costs which occur after an asset has been constructed or acquired, such as maintenance, operation and disposal (total cost of ownership), to become an important consideration in decision making.

Over the life of the asset, all maintenance costs are captured and broken down by contract along with in-house costs for a further breakdown of labour and material costs. Full purchase information is recorded, including purchase order details and purchase price.

The system also automatically calculates the Mean Time between Failures – MTBF and Mean Time to Repair – MTTR for equipment assets with excessive downtime, allowing poorly performing assets to be further identified and targeted for special maintenance.

Coordimax life cycle costing software also allows an expected replacement date and value to be recorded, with the system automatically calculating the remaining life of the sublimated printed asset. This allows for replacement forecasting for a period into the future to plan for capital expenditure and maintenance budgets.

Finally, full disposal information can be recorded, including write-off and trade-in information, completing the capture of full life cycle costs for an asset.

Administration of financial periods is automatic

All assets can be revalued at any time to cover such events as extending the useful life of an asset, increasing an asset’s depreciation rate due to high usage and the reverse, by decreasing an asset’s depreciation rate due to low usage. Residual values for all assets can also be specified.

  • capture and report both quantitative (financial) and qualitative asset data
  • asset replacement reports
  • depreciation and written down value reports
  • asset maintenance costs
  • asset maintenance history
  • failure analysis reports