If one has ever seen a garment or t shirt that is printed with colorful photographs, you have probably seen the efforts of sublimation printing. Dye sublimation printing is a wonderful way that is

Introduction about sublimation service

Introduction about sublimation service

used to print complex and colorful prints in garments. All this awesome services are offered by sublimation printing company, contact them and get awesome services from their specialists.

Why one should contact sublimation printing company for services.

1) They have in house design teams.Sublimation printing company have expert’s designers who offer in house design services. This is one way of providing clients with direct services without necessarily visiting the company’s place of work.

2) Allows clients to upload their own artwork. If there is a certain artwork you want your garment to be printed with, then sublimation printing company allow you to have it the way you want it to be. This ensures customer preference are considered.

3) Have genuine and pocket friendly wholesale pricing.When a client does sublimation printing in wholesale they will receive a discount. There are certain printing services which will be offered to the client with no extra cost.

4) Fast and reliable high volume capabilities. The printing services offered are fast and reliable especially when dealing with high volumes. This ensures that the garments are delivered back to the client without delay.

5) Provide fast shipping services. Sublimation printing company provide shipping services to their clients. The shipping is done with discounted costs to log in customers.

Our clients include petsmart who provide us with their readymade materials for printing. They provide plain cloth materials and our work is to print them with unique colors. Other common clients include: hot topic, Calvin Klein, Kohis Company, hot topic, urban outfitter company and national park services.

Printing techniques sublimation printing company offer to their clients.

1) Wrap around. This printing technique is applied when printing colors in t shirts. Wrap around makes the material to be attractive and colorful.

2) Printing across sleeves. This ensures outside attractiveness of the garment. Printing across sleeves is done by using unique colors and shapes.

3) Gel printing services. This make the coloring to steak to the material. This will reduce fading off of the colors over time.

4) Flock where the materials printed shapes are ensured to be attractive to the eye of the client.

Our clients can provide sublimation printing company with:

1) T shirts. All the unique and new fashion colors of t shirts are provided by the company. Different shapes are designed to make t shirt attractive and unique.

2) Sweaters. Sweaters are printed with tags like clients name either in front or back.

3) Golf shirts are printed with clubs name and the name of the player including his/her number. Shorts are also printed with the number and any other decoration as requested by the player or client.

4) Hoodies are also printed with colorful pictures and shapes.

Finishing services provided by sublimation printing company include,

introduction-about-sublimation-service1) Printed or sewn on tags on shorts and t shirts

2) Tear off tags. This gives the client direction on place to tear off tags to reveal hidden information.

3) bar code pricing. The code is scanned to know the price of a certain item. This is used in products especially in supermarkets.

4) Sewn patches. Once a patch is sewn, wholesale sublimation printing services company will finish on printing colors and labels.

5) Folding of the materials. This is done in a way that avoids the prints do not steak to other parts of the garment.

Sublimation printing company provides printing services and deliver them to worldwide. Their worldwide deliveries include, UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Clients need to contact sublimation printing company to get quality and affordable printing service.