Coordimax software can be used to record and track help desk issues. End users can report a fault by logging into our web based product and using the help request software module to record the details of the problem including screen shots of error messages, the steps taken to cause the fault etc.

Alternatively they can call, email or fax the help desk who’s staff then log the fault into Coordimax help desk software system for further investigation. When this fault is submitted via the web it is directed to the help desk team who are able to contact the user with a solution or escalate it to second level support.

This is done by generating a work order from the original request, this process transfers the key data from the users request to the work order saving the help desk team the need to retype the information. The work order then only needs to be assigned to the appropriate support team or staff member to transfer the responsibility of resolving the issue from the Helpdesk to the second level support group.

All actions performed are recorded in the help desk log in detail with all notes pertaining to each call for reporting purposes.
As the original request is analysed, support staff are able to enter updates into the work order to allow all users including the original reporter of the fault to see how the fault is progressing along the resolution path. This reduces the number of phone calls required to keep all parties up to date with the current status of the fault. Emails can also be generated to the original reporter, help desk or second level support. The content of the email includes key pieces of information about the fault such as the reporters name and contact details, their location, a description of the fault and the current status of the issue.

Software support staff can also record the amount of time they are spending on each reported fault and if they have the need to purchase any materials. The final solution can also be recorded and the database then becomes a resource for all support staff going forwards pooling the information about each fault and the solution. KPI help desk software reports can then be run to review the performance of support staff against the priority of the fault and analyse the total downtime as a result of the fault. Another key aspect of this is assessing the impact of the fault and the underlying cause, whether it is equipment failure and it is determined that a specific model of wholesale sublimation printing equipment has a fault and is replaced or user error is the main actual issue and training for the user is required to best reduce the number of faults raised going forwards.

As the time and materials will have been recorded against the help desk issue this data can be used to formulate a budget for the Helpdesk and Support staff. There is also the ability to recharge any of these costs to the reporters costs centre as this along with labour and materials charges are clearly identified against each help desk issue.

Help Desk to meet service goals and increase efficiency.