Coordimax asset module is the central store of all information needed to manage a healthcare and hospitality facility or a whole group of related facilities easily and with great efficiency.

With the Coordimax integrated system, management has full financial and operational control of every asset in the complex. The software provides detailed knowledge of all assets and the planning and control of the full maintenance management.

Coordimax delivers a very powerful system to assist management throughout the life cycle of the assets including buildings, furniture and all technical equipment.
Key characteristics of healthcare and hospitality facilities:
  • The assets are numerous and are distributed throughout the facility
  • The assets must be kept in peak working condition at all times
  • The assets must be fully utilised for cost effectiveness
  • The appearance of assets must be maintained to gain the confidence of the public
  • The assets require stringent servicing and maintenance often with regulatory compliance requirement
  • Good asset management requires accurate record keeping and control of the work performed on the assets
  • Maintenance staff will have visibilty of work orders
  • Higher guest satisfaction by ensuring facility is in pristibe condtion
  • Higher staff productivity

Coordimax software is designed to meet all the requirements of a healthcare and hospitality facility by providing:

  • Detailed asset management functions
  • Comprehensive maintenance management processes
  • A fully customisable, extremely flexible system
  • A system that accurately reflects the facilities operations
  • Purchase orders recording supplier information can keep track of part, asset and contracted wholesale sublimated service purchases needed to complete work orders
  • Report the results of asset and facility maintenance management

Coordimax software delivers a very powerful system to assist the management of healthcare and hospitality facility throughout the lifecycle of all assets including:

  • The building and grounds
  • The furniture and IT items
  • The complex equipment
  • Mechanical plant and vehicles