Coordimax ERP software maintains a comprehensive structured chart of accounts for all financial asset transactions and provides its own internal detailed sub-system, deriving real costs and budget from actual assets and property operations.

Records are always fully compliant with the accounting requirements of the organisation. The chart of accounts allows for highly structured account code based ledger components to deliver comprehensive reporting and control, totally matching the system in use.

Software Features include:

  • Unlimited accounts for Asset & Maintenance management without upsetting accounting treatment
  • Monitor and manage bids for budget funding
  • Record allocations of funding and adjustments made
  • Track Budget versus Actuals for commitments and expenditure Project costing
  • Automatically coded Journal entries for any period either for posting or reconciliation
  • Flexible accounting periods and processing rules
  • Monitoring through drill down and running totals
  • Forecasts for any number of future periods
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • All financial details can be summarised by account codes for export to other systems
  • Reports can be automatically sorted into ledger code order
  • Assets can be selected according to their ledger codes


Features and Capabilities:

  • define and store all relevant ledger codes
  • record and monitor financial information on ledger / budget codes
  • report and forecast all financial activity on the asset and maintenance operations
  • provide information on ERP system
  • receive information from the ERP system
  • receive instant snapshot views of budget vs actual for any period, any account
  • drill down to detail of costs in any account
  • track bids, allocations and adjustments to budget funds for any account
  • create project funds for control of larger budget codes
  • create work packages
  • reallocate funds between projects and codes as actual costs emerge
  • depreciation calculations, financial adjustments and revaluations of asset classes are all available funtions
  • the ability to calculate, forecast and control these functions, is a very strong part of all our wholesale sublimation printing products and services
  • executive reports and KPI dashboard are highly graphical ways to view complex financial management data
  • software allows for pro-active decisions on the effective control and adequate funding necessary to ensure that corporate ERP requirements are met
  • manage complete financial picture with a complete financial history & events of all assets

To satisfy audit requirements, at the end of each user defined financial period, the software provides the option to post the periodic depreciation. The periodic postings will include the financial transactions relating to all aquisitions, disposals and revaluations as well as the periodic depreciation