With the emerging importance of carbon footprint tracking, emission and energy conservation, Coordimax now has developed a new product to help you better understand and document this somewhat confusing area.

Firstly, how can you prove and measure the overall impact of this change? How green are you really? Using our simple but powerful tools, you can record your consumption and usage, and track your progress as you buy more and more of your energy inputs from green suppliers.

You may be trying to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of your business. The use of “green energy”, “carbon offset energy supply” or “low CO2 energy” can be a significant way of achieving this ambition.
How can we at Coordimax help you?
  • Coordimax easily copes with each different supplier’s energy bill content, and you can define an unlimited number of bill formats.
  • All you really need to know is which of your various supply types are actually green energy.
  • As your power bills accumulate in the system, you can report on the amount and the cost of both green energy and regular energy.
  • Not only that, but you can also monitor consumption and cost according to the various tariffs that you may be charged.
  • You can even record details of any power that you return to the grid.
  • Reports can be detailed or simple, graphical or numerical so that you can meet all your requirements to monitor your green energy consumption.
  • No need to make any changes to your accounting software for your wholesale sublimation printing.
  • Secure, accurate and easily learned method which is far more reliable than trying to create spreadsheet-based or database systems to track this detailed information.
  • You can install the Coordimax Software within your IT system, or you can use our secure, password-controlled online service, and we can help you to set up and report on all your own data.