Open Council Application Overview:

Open Council allows the request management , issuing and approvals of certificates, licences and permits and follows the councils existing business processes while providing clear benefits to ratepayers.


Bookings Module:

The Bookings Module is designed to provide ratepayers with an easy to use calendar for booking appointments with Council staff. Users can easily see available times that best suit their schedule as well as managing rescheduling needs.

This appointment will allow you adequate time to meet with a Planner to discuss your planning, development or business enquiry.


  • Information gathering through the appointment process allows for the better preparation by council staff
  • Calendar integration
  • Business process improved as rules can be created around appointments, including pre and post administration times
  • Convenience of 24*7 booking access

Bookings can cover:

  • Building a new house
  • Building a garage
  • Building a swimming pool
  • Making a subdivision
  • Major development
  • Customer Service Officer


Payments Module for Certificates / Licences / Permits / Registrations / Application forms:

The Payments Module allows customers to make single or multiple payments, verify information against internal systems and print or email receipt upon completion. Full reporting capability, creating greater internal control. Integrated, seamless and secure.

The system can handle multiple debtors in one transaction (i.e. Real Estate agent can pay multiple rates in one transaction)

The payment system is applicable to a wide range of payment types (transactions) and allows the ratepayer payment validation (controls) i.e. certificate generation after payment confirmed and provides a shopping cart of multiple purchases.


  • Improved business process ensures structure and consistency
  • Multiple types are supported
  • Improved efficiencies reduce service timeframes
  • Automation options – full automation of sublimation printing processes or partial
  • Option for integration with EDMS (electronic document management system)
  • Controls in place for payment validation – i.e. certificate generation after payment confirmed
  • Increases speed and predictability
ERP, Certificates, Permits & Licences


Development Tracking Module:

The Development Application Tracking Module (DA Tracking) enables customers to plan and co-ordinate their development processes by providing one online source of information for the current status of a Development Application and property related information. This service enables customers to view, print and track the progress of development applications from lodgment through to determination, identifying the current status of an application and tasks undertaken as part of the assessment process and associated forms, plans and submissions. In addition it provides property information for every property within Council’s jurisdiction.


  • Improved compliance with freedom of information requests
  • Transparency allows for much more detail of the DA requested and reduced telephone and front counter inquiries mean staff are able to be more productive
  • View documentation, plans & submissions relating to applications lodged
Development Tracking


CRM Tracking


CRM Tracking Module:

The system allows transparency over customer requests, improving customer service.

E-Services Statistics


  • Internet capable
  • Virtual private network capable
  • Off-site hosting capable
  • Elimination of hardcopy document distribution
  • Simplify and enhance the exchange of information between Council and its community
  • Facilitates full end-to-end electronic service delivery
  • E-services platform that is vendor agnostic, allowing Councils to deliver the right e-services
  • Easy configuration, improved B2B and data accuracy

Open Council allows the elimination of hardcopy document distribution, simplifies and enhances the exchange of information between Council and its community and facilitates full end to end electronic service delivery.

Open Council framework is being used to deliver inter alia, parking permits, graffiti reporting, dog registrations, cemetery directories and can handle waste management, and much more.

Open Council Software e-service and e-commerce system allows for online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) and automates data collection.

Increases speed and predictability.