Dye Sublimation printing makes use of specialized computer printers.

It allows for the distribution of images in startlingly bright color on a variety of hard and even some types of soft surfaces.

Dye sublimation printing services

Dye sublimation printing services

With sublimation printing, the colors are uniformly applied, and this gives this method a significant advantage over inkjet printing.


A look inside one of these modern marvels would reveal a roll of plastic material. At intervals on the roll, one would see areas of blue, red, gray, and yellow. Infused with this material are dyes that are solid at room temperature.When something is being printed, a print head passes over the material. The head heats up, and the dye is sublimated, allowing it to permeate and coat the object being printed on.This high-tech coating process produces images that look much more natural to the eye. At the same time, the images are much less prone to fading and wear, because the colors have permeated the printing medium.


Sublimation printing process  quickly produce images

This process quickly produces images that are of graphic quality. The dye does not leave a buildup on the material, and images can be applied all the way across whatever is being printed on.There are many other advantages to the technique. Dye sublimation is one of the only ways to create full-color images on surfaces that are hard. It offers a huge range of available colors to choose from, to the tune of over four thousand.


In many cases, dye sublimation services will not require customers to put in a minimum order, so if only one item is needed that presents no problems. In today’s fast paced society, this can be a boon for schools, businesses, and other organizations that need on-demand printing services. Wholesale dye sublimation printing service is a digital process and requires no plates. Because of this, it is very easy to quickly customize projects to the liking of the client. In the fluid business environment of the present, this is a distinct advantage.


Great thing about dye sublimation printing is its incredible speed.

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