Express is for people who don’t really require the full power of Coordimax. Regardless of which product you choose you can now use the information in large or widely dispersed organizations via the internet.

Wherever your users have web access to the Coordimax system – across the internet, an intranet, a PDA (such as an Iphone or Blackberry), a virtual private network or via the Coordimax ASP (Application Service provider) – Web Express can be used to keep the asset data and work orders up to the minute. Every user can now play their part.

Built to run on the internet. In large organizations many users only need to make a quick enquiry or minor change. This is why Web Express was invented.
All the relevant functions and information are presented via a web browser to make the process simple, powerful and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The key users and the web express users are all working with the same quality information. What’s more, Web Express can be customized to give the exact look and feel of your organizations web presence.

Importantly the same security measures built into Coordimax sublimation services are built into Web Express.

On-screen reporting and enquiries make it simple to find exactly the required data and there is full context sensitive help on-line.

All user controls that are set up for the Enterprise users apply to the Web Express users as well. In this way the suitably cut down functions are made available to the remote and less frequent user so that all can carry out their asset and maintenance management roles easily and efficiently

Users can easily keep information up to date for access wherever it is needed

Pinnacle Web Express:

Web Express provides a browser-based interface containing the primary functionality of Pinnacle. It is designed for ease of use and typically allows users to record a maintenance request, or update the status of a work order. Web Express users are logged directly into their primary database. There can be redirections from this URL (Branding), based on the username. There is no reason to expect that this will be affected, but we will obviously want to test that it still works correctly after any change.

Pinnacle Enterprise:

Pinnacle Enterprise has the full interface within which functional modules are configured according to user rights. It is typically used by maintenance supervisors to monitor and control assets and maintenance workflows. Citrix XenApp is used as to virtualize the applications and deliver them to the user desktop. These users typically have access to several databases and/or applications.