External contractor details can also be entered into the Coordimax software system. This allows contractor details to be available for use against preventative or breakdown maintenance with preset charges established against each work order.

Both in-house as well as contract labour can be utilised for a single work order.

Features include:

  • Recording terms and conditions
  • Contract costs and variances
  • Usage
  • Skills
  • Budget codes
  • Contract status
  • Invoice processing

Additionally, an unlimited number of user-defined attributes can be specified for each contract to further help with the overall management and reporting functions. Any relevant document or other source of information can be attached to the contract record so that the most efficient access to information is simple.

For those fixed contracts such as cleaning, where payments are made for a defined quantity of works, the contracts module provides the ability to record an invoice directly against a contract. This feature also enables the costs to be automatically apportioned over multiple locations and multiple budget codes, either as a percentage or square metre basis.


The Contracts Module includes a specific function that caters for energy and other utility wholesale sublimation contracts. A contract can be defined for an energy provider and billing information entered directly from the billings accounts. Thos allows energy consumption over time to be grahed and future consumption forecast via a standard report
Contract Management Features and Capabilities:

  • manage every contract for any sort of supply
  • sort and classify contracts according to your own criteria
  • allocate supply costs under any contract
  • match contracts to suppliers
  • cross reference contracts to assets and locations
  • records planned work to be done under every contract
  • record history of all work done under contract
  • attach legal contract free text comments to contract records
  • add user defined information items to any contract
  • sort list and control attributes
  • attach files to contract records
  • record and variations to contract sums
  • record invoices received under every contract
  • record payments to contractors
  • keep full history of all activity
  • report on forecast and completed activities