Assetmaster | Scalable Enterprise ERP Management

Improve reliability, Maximise Life Plan Work Programs, Control Costs

Assetmaster provides a series of tools that will vastly improve business processes, wholesale sublimation printing requests, data management, increase operational awareness, including automation of business process, to improve service delivery and performance across your business



  • Intelligent identification from one central repository
  • GUI Driven Import and attribute Export facilities
  • Unlimited Class Creation
  • Standard Template Selections
  • Full Componentisation relationship linking capability
  • Flexibility to add and record attribute details unique to each environment




  • Seamless integration to corporate systems through one interface (Property, GIS, EDMS, Finacials, SCADA etc)
  • Managed Workflow process integration
  • Mobile workforce solution provides seamless integration into the Assetmaster modules, removing reliance on 3rd party products


Financial Reporting and Planning Solutions


  • Best practice reporting and planning (NAMS, AAS, IFRS, IIM, IPWEA)
  • Removes reliance on 3rd party reporting tools
  • Provides flexible data output options to MS products
  • Fair value depreciation and future driven depreciation calculations
  • Service levels pridication and optimisation
  • AMP reporting requirments based on NAMS guidelines
  • Life Cycle Planning – Cash Flow and Annuities Predication
  • Financial Building Regulation compliance through true Componentisation of Asset Infrastructure


Implemenation and Services


  • Professional Implementation Services and Methodologies by industry specialists
  • Prince 2 certified, CompTIA trained and accredited professionals




  • Asset Class – Custom Attribute Details and/or Templates
  • Asset Register – Standard Asset Attribute Details/Template
  • Financial- Accounting/Valuations
  • Condition – Assessments and Inspection
  • Optimised Decision making and Risk Analysis
  • Data – Validate Import Facilities
  • Report Writer


Assetmaster Operations


  • Work Order – Job Issuing and Management
  • Routine Maintenance – Scheduling
  • Internal/External Request and Work Order Tracking
  • Risk Defintion and Reduction – Planning
  • Unit Rates and Resource Management
  • Budget – Works Cask Flow Allocation




  • Mobile and Desktop Web Distribution Portal
  • Dashboards – (Corporate DB Systems Overlay/Reporting)
  • Integrated Asset Facility Booking (Web distributed – Internal and External application)




  • Corporate Property System Interface
  • Seamless Geographical Information System Embedment (GIS)
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Integrated Electronic Documement Management System (EDMS)
  • Integrated GL/Valuation and Purchase Order Management
  • Telemetry Data and Alert Action Interface


Assetmaster takes the power, performance and possibilities of asset systems to an entirely new level. Solutions built on a single software platform, the system delivers the most comprehensive view of all asset types across the entire enterprise.

This allows you to reduce costs, minimize risk and increase service delivery responsiveness and revenue. Asset systems involve the whole lifecycle of an asset from purchase to asset retirement or lease expiration.

Assetmaster gives you a clear picture of where cost savings can be made and will help to reduce the total cost of ownership. It also features financial integration, spatial decision support, and predictive modeling – features that have been overlooked in many Asset Management systems in the past.

The Asset Register also links to other closely tied services like lease management, warranty and maintenance. Without these details, you can’t effectively measure how much your assets are costing you.

Solution capabilities maximize the lifetime value of complex assets and closely align them with your overall business strategy, allowing you to:

  • Increase returns
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Increase business responsiveness
  • Lower the total cost of ownership

Assetmaster Software Module Overview

Assetmaster is designed to manage all an organisations assets across multiple departmental boundaries. These assets may be recorded within Assetmaster or linked-in from an external database using powerful integration techniques. Assetmaster is divided into various modules. The modules a user will access will vary depending on the user permissions.